5 Reasons to Host A Clinic

Print the complete list to share with your coaches and board members.

  1. Cost Effective
    You get a four-hour competitively priced event with one or two personable talented clinicians. Talk with us how you can use the clinic as a fundraising opportunity.
  2. Impact Recruiting
    Hosting the clinic demonstrates your commitment to your swimmers and the program's success. You gain exposure and credibility, which can attract new talent.
  3. Pre/Post-Event Support
    You can count on BREAKOUT! Swim Clinic to:
    • Send press releases to your local media
    • Provide promotion to generate participation
    • Offer clinic fundraising ideas
  4. Unsurpassed Benefits to Your Swimmers
    Your swimmers leave the clinic:
    • Eager to put their new skills to work and demonstrate results
    • Motivated on goal-setting, work-outs and nutrition
    • Full of positive thoughts and life lessons they'll always remember
  5. Unique Content Energizes Your Club
    Only a BREAKOUT! Swim Clinic offers:
    • World-class athletes whom you can trust to engage and interact with your members, handle a crowd and maintain the clinic's high standards
    • Motivational messages targeted for swimmers and adults
    • Training with an Olympian