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Quick Stats

2000 Olympics: Gold & Silver Medal
2004 Olympics: Gold & Bronze Medal
2008 Olympics: Gold & Bronze
2012 Olympics: Silver Medal

JASON LEZAK At his first Olympics, Jason won a Gold and Silver Medal at the 2000 Sydney Games. In 2002, Jason dominated his opponents becoming the #1 ranked sprinter in the world. At the 2004 Olympics, Jason took the Bronze in the 4x100m freestyle and the Gold Medal in a world record-breaking swim in the 4x100m medley relay. But it was finally in 2008 that Jason made history. He made his third Olympics when he qualified for the Beijing Olympics in the 100m freestyle, the 4x100m free relay, and the 4x100m medley relay. At 32, the oldest man on the U.S. swim team and tri-captain, Jason anchored the U.S. men’s 400-meter freestyle relay team to a come-from-behind victory, stealing the Gold from the French. Many sports experts say it was one of the greatest upsets in Olympic history. Not quite satisfied Jason went on to make a 4th Olympic Games in London 2012 to become the oldest male swimmer to medal at the Olympics at 36 years old. Fans all over the country love to meet Jason “The Anchor” Lezak in person and Jason loves to share with them how he trained by himself to become a legend in the pool.